Education Services

Delta-T Group Delivers Quality Services through our partnerships with schools & education organizations

Delta-T Group’s service is based on highly skilled independent contractors whose references, licenses, certifications, and degrees are matched to each school’s requirements. Because Delta-T Group only refers professionals with the background and experience schools are looking for, these individuals can be an immediate and productive member of your team.

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    • Special Education/1:1
    • Instructional & Non-Instructional
    • Transportation
    • Substitutes
    • Special Education
    • Substitute
    • Homebound
    • Bilingual
Child Study Teams
    • Psychologists
    • Speech Therapists
    • Social Workers
    • Special Education Teachers
Related Services
    • Physical Therapists
    • Speech Therapists & Audiologists
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Assistive Technology & ASL Staff
    • RN
    • LPN/LVN
    • CNA
    • Substitute
    • Special Education/1:1


Special Education/1:1 • Instructional & Non-Instructional • Transportation • Substitutes

Paraprofessionals are valued members of the school team, supporting children in order to maintain a positive and consistent environment.

    • Instructional Aides provide an additional resource to the classroom, with enrichment activities, lessons, and a helping hand for the head teachers.
    • Special Education and 1:1 paraprofessionals provide care for special education and medically fragile students in the classroom, during breaks, on the bus and/or during school trips. This may include instructional support, personal care, ambulation, and behavioral interventions.
    • Transportation Aides may monitor activities during bus rides to ensure safety, or offer specific assistance to a child requiring supports.
    • General non-instructional aides may monitor halls, lunch rooms, detention rooms, and other areas as needed to maintain a proper school climate.

Many districts rely on paraprofessionals to handle a myriad of tasks as a result of overcrowding, teacher absences, special education compliance and tightened budgets. For a mid to large district, hundreds of paraprofessionals may be required to keep operations running smoothly.

Delta-T refers per diem, short-term, long-term or complete paraprofessional outsourcing, in order to relieve districts of administrative burden and offer significant cost savings.


Special Education • Substitutes • Homebound • Bilingual

Teachers are the foundation of every school. Their enthusiasm and leadership set the tone for achievement. When districts are faced with high absentee rates, soaring costs and massive numbers of retiring teachers, they rely on Delta-T to refer professionals needed to delivery appropriate instructional services.

Our referred teachers, whether general, subject specific, or special education, are sourced based on their qualifications, experience and dedication to their field.

We offer a range of services, including our Sub Management System through SubFinder, which we offer at no additional cost to district clients. This system, in combination with our 24/7 live support, expert project management and diligent recruiting, result in daily fill rates over 97%.

Delta-T can also utilize retired teachers who are restricted from contracting directly with their former districts, helping schools retain beloved and experienced teachers.

Whether it’s for one urgently needed teacher or complete sub management, Delta-T can customize a solution that will result in greater efficiencies. Our goal is to always maintain or exceed the high standards that students, parents and administrators have come to expect.

Delta-T can review your current spending and processes and provide an assessment of any inefficiencies that our solutions can help resolve. We understand that, especially with upcoming healthcare obligations, every dollar has to be wisely allocated.

Child Study Teams

Psychologists • Speech Therapists • Social Workers • Special Education Teachers

Child Study Teams (also known as Student Study Teams or Student Success Teams) are multidisciplinary groups dedicated to providing focused Special Education Support. They may include psychologists, social workers, speech or other allied health therapists, special education teachers (or in New Jersey, Leading Disabilities Teacher-Consultants), along with the child’s parents/guardians. Together they determine children’s special education needs and formulate personalized assistance to ensure that they are able to reach their fullest potential.

Child Study Teams are an increasingly important element of the special education services provided by many school districts.

Delta-T Group referred professionals can supplement an existing team, or refer the full spectrum of services as an extension of your department to refer consultations, evaluations and plans.

Real World Solutions Last year we referred Child Study Team support to a large NJ public school district. We were able to retain many of their existing professionals, referred new professionals, and improved efficiencies through coordination. 

Overall, we reduced the spending by $650,000, nearly half of their budget for these services. All services were delivered on time without any loss of quality.

With 25 years of experience in behavioral health, Delta-T can access its network of professionals to create or supplement your Child Study Team.

Our expertise, with an eye on cost savings, can enhance your Special Education programs and improve outcomes.

Related Services

Physical Therapists • Speech Therapists & Audiologists • Occupational Therapists • Assistive Technology & ASL

Related Services provide support to students with disabilities in order for them to get the most out of their educational experiences and reach the goals set out in their Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan. These services can be in conjunction with Special Education classes, nursing care, behavioral healthcare or as standalone supports to general education.

Services include (but are not limited to): physical, occupational and speech therapy, vision, orientation and mobility assistance, assistive technology, ASL Interpreters, and audiologists. These services can be within the classroom, as pull-out services, or collaborative.

Delta-T refers Related Service Professionals are qualified to provide:

    • Direct Therapy
    • Assessments
    • Evaluations
    • Referrals
    • IEP Planning
    • Title 1 Backlogs
    • Child Study Team Participation
    • Staff Development
    • Parental Support

Whether the result of compensatory time, consent decrees, increased special education populations or shortages, Delta-T can refer related service professionals to your district as needed to meet your obligations.


RN • LPN/LVN • CNA • Substitute • Special Education/1:1

The importance of the school nurse cannot be overstated. Their presence in districts across the country makes it possible for students with acute or chronic illness to receive prompt, competent treatment.

Our referred nurses act as general school nurses, assessing and providing limited treatment for minor injuries and illnesses. They also work as special education nurses providing care for medically fragile, chronically ill and special needs students. This may be as 1:1/1:2 nurses and/or bus escorts.

Many districts face nursing shortages, leaving seriously ill children vulnerable. In most districts, teachers and paraprofessionals cannot dispense medication nor provide any urgent care. This places a burden on parents to provide supplemental care, medication administration and escorts during the school day. This can greatly impact a child’s learning experience. It can also pose a risk for districts who fail to provide adequate care for students.

Delta-T can step in and refer for urgently needed positions with qualified nurses who have experience with medically fragile, chronically ill and special needs students. This can be anything from dispensing asthma inhalers to overseeing the proper administration of a feeding tube. We also refer general school and substitute nurses to oversee the general student populations.

Our nurses’ skills are properly assessed for this type of work and they undergo strict screening to ensure that they are drug-free, possess no criminal convictions related to child abuse, sexual abuse, violence and/or neglect, and that their nursing licenses and related certifications are valid.